Getting Started

We know that asking for help may be difficult. You may not know where to turn or even what type of help you need. At FROM, our Connections Office can help!

Our Connections Office provides one-on-one assistance for

  • Support and Referral Services to empower our neighbors in need by providing access to programs that can provide solutions to challenging personal or financial situations. It’s the first stop in accessing programs at FROM, but can also include working with a network of partner organizations to get people the help they need
  • Education, we partner with community organizations for classes and educational topics of interest to our neighbors.

Who Can Use the Connections Office?

Individuals and families that live in the Lowell Area School District and are in need of assistance can make an appointment to meet with FROM’s Connections Office.

How to Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with the Connections Office for any of the services listed above simply call FROM’s Main Office at (616) 897-8260 and ask for the Connections Office or select extension 125.

Why Do I Need an Appointment, Can’t I Just Stop In?

In order to provide each of our neighbors with the time needed to understand their unique needs and have time to address those, we ask that people make an appointment for the Connections Office. This way we can give each person adequate time and attention without taking away from other appointments.

What to Expect at your Appointment

Once you arrive to your appointment you will meet one-on-one with FROM’s Client Services Coordinator or a trained Connections Office volunteer to better understand your needs, identify outcomes for your specific situation, and work together to make goals in order to achieve those outcomes.

For example, someone who recently lost their job may need services through our Food Pantry or Lunch Buddies programs to help during this time of shortage. But they also need to find a new job, so together with the Connections Office, they make goals on how to find a new job. This may include updating a resume or setting aside time to fill out applications, learning how to improve interviewing skills or resources for an interview appropriate outfit.

If someone needs services not offered at FROM, the Connections Office will refer them to those resources so they can get the help they need.

Items to Bring to your Appointment

  • Current photo ID
  • Proof of residency (current piece of mail)
  • Any additional items related to your need for an appointment
  • Any documentation you are asked to provide when you speak to the Connections Office to schedule your appointment

Connections Office Hours:

Monday- Thursday: 10:00 a.m. -4:00 pm

Please check our calendar for any upcoming closures

How Can I Help?

Interested in learning how you can help with the Connections Office? Visit our Other Ways to Give to find out how you can partner with us to help our neighbors in need.