In early 2020, FROM’s Board of Directors and Staff began updating the wording of FROM’s Mission Statement and Values and adding more detail. During this process, it was determined that FROM also needed to add a purpose and vision statement to accurately represent the organization. See the descriptions of each below along with FROM’s official statements and what they mean to the organization.

Purpose guides you; why you do what you do, why we exist.

FROM’s Purpose: To Demonstrate Christ’s love in our community no matter what!

FROM started with thirteen churches coming together; keeping our connection to Christ was of utmost importance. The reference to Christ was elevated to the purpose to demonstrate our history and our faith. This is why we exist.

Vision is what you aspire to be; what we will achieve in the future, the measurable impact you want to make. Your vision reminds us what the difference we make will look like

FROM’s Vision: Equal access and opportunities to meet basic needs with an emphasis on learning and advancement for all.

Our vision is what we aspire to achieve. Many organizations like ours have a vision that strives towards equal access for everyone. We took it a step further and added “with an emphasis on learning and advancement for all”. The reality is that when someone wants to learn more and advance themselves, we want them to have access to opportunities to do that. This is an area that we recognize we need more programming and we hope to partner with volunteers and professionals in various areas to bring those opportunities to our community.

Mission statement – how we accomplish our purpose; the way in which we will achieve the vision and purpose, what is it that we do that accomplishes our vision and purpose, direct path to your purpose and vision.

FROM’s Mission: To be the Greater Lowell community hub where hope, resources, and gifts are shared

Our mission is what we do in order to move towards our vision. In our community, those that have surplus share with FROM. Then, FROM shares them with those in the community who need them. For example, there are many folks in our community who have been making masks for months – 100s of them. They made them for participants who came through the pantry. They made them for volunteers as they started to come back to FROM in June. Then, they made them for students for their backpacks in August. And, they are still making them for us as we continue to provide them for our participants. Many participants expressed hope as they were able to provide face coverings for their entire family.

Values – How do we behave?

FROM’s Values: Equity, Integrity, Curiosity, Welcome, Value, Dignity, Empowerment

Our values are how we behave. Each word (below) was carefully selected and vetted with participants and volunteers.

When you donate to FROM your donation helps our neighbors address financial issues, food insecurity, and more during this pandemic. You help us provide HOPE to our neighbors in need.

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