Neighbor to Neighbor

One of the ways we can help our community is by bringing our neighbors together to help each other. Through a partnership with the Rotary Club of Lowell, Impact Church and The Lowell Ledger, FROM provides assistance for weatherization needs through our Neighbor to Neighbor program.

When you donate to FROM your donation helps our neighbors address financial issues, food insecurity, and more during this pandemic. You help us provide HOPE to our neighbors in need.

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What is Neighbor to Neighbor?

Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) is open to those living in the Lowell Area School District who have weatherization and fall clean up needs (such as insulation, furnace check, cover pipes, weather stripping, plastic on windows, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, etc.).

N2N bring together volunteers who can help meet the weatherization and fall clean up needs of our neighbors.

How Do I Apply for Neighbor to Neighbor?

To participate in N2N, you must submit an application. You can submit for your own home, or on behalf of another individual (with their permission) who is in need of weatherization and/or fall clean-up related assistance. All applications must be for a residence in the Lowell Area School District. FROM contacts each household for a pre-qualification phone interview and determines if the homeowner is willing/able to assist the volunteer team in some way.

Please note, submission of application does not guarantee that it  will be granted. 

N2N  wishes were due to FROM by October 12, 2019. Applications for N2N 2020 will be release in the fall of 2020.

If you are in need of assistance in between these deadlines, please call our Connections Office at (616) 897-8260 ext. 124.

What Kind of Assistance is Offered?

Past N2N projects include

  • Replacing or repairing windows, caulking, and insulation
  • Checking furnaces
  • Covering pipes
  • Installing weather stripping and other weatherization
  • Raking leaves
  • Cleaning gutters

If you live in the Lowell Area School District and have a home repair need you are unable to address outside of those listed above, contact our Connections Office to see if there are community resources that can help.

How Can I Help?

Interested in learning how you or your group can help with Neighbor to Neighbor? Visit our Other Ways to Give for ways to help including what items you can donate and available volunteer opportunities.