Senior Food Commodities

(Commodity Supplemental Food Program- CSFP)

FROM is a Kent County distribution site for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program- CSFP, or Senior Food Commodities. This federally funded program helps improve the health of older adults with low incomes by providing them with a monthly distribution of nutritious USDA foods.

When you donate to FROM your donation helps our neighbors address financial issues, food insecurity, and more during this pandemic. You help us provide HOPE to our neighbors in need.

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Who Can Come to Senior Food Commodities (CSFP)?

In order to participate, you must meet current CSFP guidelines

  • be age 60 or older,
  • live in Kent County
  • be below 130% of the federal poverty level (Click here to see current federal poverty guidelines)

What to Expect My First Time

**Click here to see COVID-19 protocols.**

When Senior Food Commodifies (CFSP) is back to running normally, you can expect that when you come for the first time you will come to the Food Pantry and will fill out some paperwork. If you meet the income guidelines, after the paperwork is completed you will receive your box of food.

What Kinds of Foods Can I Expect at Senior Food Commodities (CSFP)?

Eligible households receive a monthly distribution of food which may include cheese, milk, meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals and juice.

Senior Food Commodities (CSFP) Hours:

Senior Food Commodities (CSFP) are distributed at FROM once a month Wednesday-Friday during regular Food Pantry hours. For upcoming dates, click here to visit our calendar.

How Can I Help?

Interested in learning how you can be a part of Food Commodities? Visit our Other Ways to Give  for ways to help including open volunteer positions.